Affiliate program+ investments with CopyFX

Started by justinthomsony, Sep 08, 2022, 11:24 AM

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Investments in the best CopyFX Traders on MT5 accounts is a new tool for attracting customers. CopyFX, an investment platform developed by Roboforex, enables individuals to copy successful traders' transactions, gain profitability from their trading strategies, or trade independently with revenue from platform investors.

Customers are interested in CopyFX because it offers low minimum investments of $100, multifunctional and intuitive investment management that aids in risk control, and is known for its transparency, which has attracted over 350,000 traders and investors.

Investing via MT5 offers additional features, such as being able to use the same MT5 account as both a trader and investor with instant transaction copying and unlimited subscription accounts. All trading statistics on the MT5 account are available, and one can begin investing by selecting a trader from the rating and subscribing to them.

To become a trader on an MT5 account, one does not need to open a new account or wait for a trading history to accumulate. All result statistics are already synchronized with the platform, and it is easy to set subscription conditions to start. Investors have access to "Proportional," "Classic," and "Fixed" subscription modes, while traders can enjoy the "No Commission" scheme. Finally, subscriptions are only possible between MT5 accounts.