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Started by Brijesh, Oct 02, 2022, 09:41 AM

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In that thread we would like to introduce you to our unique service - here we will answer your questions and share with you the news of our project.

What is AppsConvert?
AppsConvert is a service for renting and pre-ordering mobile Android WebView applications under traffic arbitration for any offers.
 - Our applications are ready to be launched in one click - all control is carried out through the user-friendly AppsConvert interface.
 - Easy moderation of your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google - our applications have a high trust in the Play Market, so moderation in most cases takes place automatically.
 - We always have apps available - flood traffic non-stop.
 - Our applications are suitable for different topics - gambling, crypto, dating and others.
 - We guarantee the replacement of the application for up to 6 days, in case of a ban in the Play Market (depending on the tariff).
 - Affordable prices - The rental price starts from only $ 10.
 - Technical information about all applications - session caching and saving cookies, sending push notifications, built-in Facebook SDK (additional SDKs on pre-order), deep links support.
  - Referral program - attract new users to the AppsConvert service and receive 6% of their contributions during the entire period of use of the service!

We carry out orders for the development of individual applications - you can order applications with your own design and technical features!
Register, pour traffic to offers of any partner programs using AppsConvert applications and get an excellent ROI!
For any questions, write to us right here in the thread or in the Telegram @appsconvert!


What guarantees can you give? Do u have customer reviews? How can i communicate with people who have been using your services for a long time?