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Started by Kevin56, Sep 11, 2022, 09:43 AM

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We present a service that has been successfully operating  since 2014.
E-PAY is a catalog of partner programs for web sites selling information products.
At the moment – 2500+ products.

Have you created an electronic product, a training course, or are you providing paid services and you need to enable payment acceptance on the site? Then the E-PAY service is what you need! Just register and add your web site.

We will provide your customers with a convenient and understandable form of payment and detailed video instructions, so payment becomes as convenient as possible for your customers. All the main payment acceptance methods are available: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro bank cards, electronic money, mobile payments, etc.

You can limit yourself only to accepting payments, or you can connect a ready-made affiliate program for your web site, set up percentages of deductions to your partners for promoting your web site.

Earning without your own site
All you need to do is advertise that link on various web sites, forums, blogs or in an advertising newsletter.
And every time visitors click on your advertisement and make a payment, you will be charged a percentage of sales, which the author of the web  site indicated as partner deductions.

You can also advertise sites by placing ads on various free and paid bulletin boards, placing contextual advertising, etc.
EP wallet – Earning on Bonuses
The EP wallet was created to earn money by accumulating your funds and receiving interest on the amount.
How the EP works:

Earning on accumulation occurs due to the constant growth of the EP rate. The system is designed in such a way that the EP rate increases daily by +$1. Thus, you can buy an EP at one rate, and after a while sell it at another – at a higher rate. Buying and selling takes place from your balance on the service, instantly and without commission.

An example of how to make money on the growth of the course:

- Today you buy, for instance, 10 EP at the rate of 1EP = $200. (10 EP x $200 = $2000).

Of course, that is just an example. You can make purchases and sales of EP at any time, for any amount and without commission. You can save money, or you can cash out AS MUCH AS you need and WHEN you need it.

Referral system
Multilevel refsystem:

- 5% of the earnings of your referrals!
- 5% of the earnings of level 2 referrals!

The minimum amount is $10.
Payment can be ordered at any time. Payments are made within 1 business day after the order.
Payments are made by  e-wallets, as well as bank cards.