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Started by Charlesth, Sep 07, 2022, 11:11 AM

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CharlesthTopic starter – PP for student traffic. Up to 50% off the sale! Up to 20% off rebills!
Introducing a new partner program in the essay niche for bourgeois student traffic!

1. Our service
We have been working in the essay writing market since 2009. We have a high level of service, cool American writers, and the lowest bounce rate in the niche is really no more than 0.9%.
We write essays, essays, term papers, dissertations – and in general any work for students from the USA, Canada and Australia. There are also orders from other countries, but some of them are scanty. As well as not only writing, but also proofreading, correcting, editing, etc.

The average order price is $132. In general, prices for orders start at $25 and can soar to $9000.

2. What we pay
Percentage of sales from a new customer:
- 30% from the sale and 15% rebills (up to 50 customers)
- 40% from sale and 15% rebills (from 51st to 100th client)
- 50% from sale and 20% rebills (starting from 101 clients)

Rebills you get for life - that is, while the customer orders! On average, we really have 5 rebills for each client.

3. Payment procedure
From the 10-15 day of each month. Requests in the system must be up to the 5th. We pay EPESE, Wire transfer, QIWI, PayPal. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and $1000 for wire transfer.

4. Promo
There are cool banners, links, flash and so on. We also send a list of keys on request. We can give out discounts – contact us. WL is only for verified affs – discussed individually.

5. Seasonality
In principle, there are orders all year round, but the hot season is in autumn from October to November and in spring from March to May. The hottest months are November and April. In winter, there is a lull from mid-December to February. And in summer from mid-July to September.

The season is already on the nose! There is time to prepare! Don't miss the chance!

6. Why we have better!
6 years on the market = decent experience in the niche.
High level of service – we pay our writers the highest rates in the niche! Good quality = satisfied customer = your earnings are growing. During the season, you can really earn both $10k and $20k.

Although we are far from the first day in writing, we have just launched the PP. Perhaps something is missing, say – we will definitely add it. All questions are either in that top:

Skype: edu-affiliates