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Started by bcetindra, Oct 18, 2022, 11:10 AM

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We offer webmasters to work with our affiliate program directly.
We want to work with you for a long time, we can start with small turns.
We accept almost any permitted types of traffic, so everything can be discussed.
All offers accept payment officially, everything works in white, you can pass any moderation in any advertising systems.

We have offers:
City Business school

There are offers where the payment is higher than the payment by the buyer: / - more than 65 offers on various topics, with an emphasis on beauty.

There are offers on education in sеx: / - more than 17 landing pages for different courses.

Offer with monthly rebills, there will be more of them soon

And many others, English, self-development, etc. We can choose with you an offer that will best convert from your resource.

We pay once a week on cards or cashless to the company.
We conduct an interview and issue invitations in the support in the telegram
We have a chat where you can discuss
We give creatives and cases on various offers, in some offers it is immediately attached in the description.

Referral program to attract webmasters 5% of the earnings of the webmaster.

For communication:
Mail -
Telegram -

Our social networks and chats:
Arbitrageurs Chat -
Instagram -
FB -