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Started by soniya_ss, Oct 19, 2022, 11:21 AM

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Ingramer offers an Affiliate Program with a 25% commission!

Business conditions
• 25% commission;
• The minimum withdrawal amount is $100;
• Payout interval: 45 days;
• Type of payment: Paypal,  Crypto;
• Average payment amount of 1 user per month: $44;
• Payment period: for life (as long as we receive payments from your referrals).

Let's count together!
The partner receives 25% from each payment of the client who has registered using the affiliate link. A simple example: the most popular module costs $44. If you attract 100 new users, you will earn $1,350 per month!
You can use an online calculator to estimate future passive income.

Welcome to the Ingramer Affiliate Program!

The Ingramer Partner Program is an agreement between the Ingramer service and a Partner.
The main principle of earnings is as follows:

1. Partner via receives an affiliate link from the support team; additional information on
2. The partner inserts a link to his blog, website, Instagram account or any other portal that will attract a Referral;
3. If the Referral registers an account in Ingramer through the Partner's affiliate link

How does it work?

Take a look at a real example

Take a look at the real affiliate panel:
1. Clicks – the number of clicks on the affiliate link;
2. Registrations – the number of people who have registered in Ingramer;
3. Accounts - the number of Instagram accounts added to the system;
4. Memberships – the number of accounts that have paid for the trial or any other version of Ingramer;
5. Charges – the number of payments in Ingramer;
6. Revenue is your profit, your earnings and your money!

What distinguishes Ingramer from other services?

The most accurate targeting on the market based on AI technology.
Ingramer includes targeting by hashtags used by your target audience, by the specified location and by the list of usernames that you create (for example, your competitors). Also, you have the ability to add hashtags, locations and usernames to the blacklist so that Ingramer excludes them from actions.
Ingramer has advanced filters for more accurate targeting. Such as language filter, gender filter and time zone filter.

In addition, Ingramer has launched 2 pro modules: Auto Direct and Publication Planner.
Now Instagram can create automatic mailing lists via direct and schedule your Instagram posts in advance, which helps to save time.

Better performance.
Unlike competitors, Ingramer is constantly evolving. The average Instagram bot performs 1000-1300 actions per day, according to your settings.
User-friendly interface
It's a pleasure to work with an easy-to-use and understand system. Just take a look at Ingramer and enjoy the work of our team and the design team. We try to make the best service for every user!