What's the difference between affiliate marketing and drop shipping?

Started by stellarhomes, Sep 15, 2022, 12:57 AM

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How does affiliate marketing differ from dropshipping? Is there a significant discrepancy between the two concepts?

In recent years, both affiliate marketing and dropshipping have gained popularity as methods of generating income online. While they share similarities, such as the potential to earn passive income and the ability to work remotely, there are also distinct differences between the two models.


Essentially, dropshipping and affiliate marketing differ in terms of how you earn money. In dropshipping, you make a profit by setting a markup on the supplier's product and selling it to customers without purchasing the product upfront. On the other hand, in affiliate marketing, you earn a percentage of the income generated from selling a specific product or service.

It is important to note that both business models require some level of marketing and promotion to attract potential customers. Additionally, they can both be lucrative if executed properly. Ultimately, the choice between dropshipping and affiliate marketing depends on individual goals, preferences, and skills.


Determining which business model is better between affiliate marketing and dropshipping can be challenging as both have their pros and cons. In affiliate marketing, your primary role is to advertise the product or service, while in dropshipping, other business processes such as marketing, managing suppliers, establishing an online store, dealing with customer support and payment systems, need to be monitored closely.

While one person can handle traffic independently in affiliate marketing, it can be considerably challenging to create a stable dropshipping business all alone. For those who are new to the world of internet entrepreneurship, it is advisable to learn marketing skills or seek out a partner who already possesses adequate experience to help establish the business.

If you are experienced in working with advertising tools and generate income from it, it is worth testing your skills in the dropshipping niche. However, if you lack the knowledge and experience in this field, finding a partner to study the business together and share responsibilities will be beneficial. This way, you can discover the right work model that suits you best and eventually work with partners responsible for managing most of the advertising.


In affiliate marketing product is sell which is already listed and you can get commission after selling the product. While in dropshipping you can charge your own price on listed product and you can earn profit on it.software development company