Profit Pixels - Inhouse Crypto, fоrex and Trading Offers, CPA up to $1000

Started by jane, Sep 04, 2022, 05:10 AM

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Profit Pixels [nofollow] is a direct advertiser that provides access to premium in-house fоrex/Crypto/Trading CPA offers for almost all GEO.

We have implemented a machine learning algorithm that automatically detects and sends your leads to the most convertible call centers, analyzing GEO, language, time and traffic source to achieve the best CR and DR indicators. There is also an AI-based lead duplication protection system that allows you to monetize traffic as profitably as possible.

We provide a wide range of high-quality prelends with outstanding CR indicators, as well as call centers with native speakers to process your potential customers at the highest level. We support API and Postback integration (s2s) and provide professional partner and technical support 24/7.

Payments are available from the first confirmed CPA conversion and can be made via Wire, Bitcoin, Tether,  PayPal, Payoneer, Neteller, Skrill on a weekly basis. You can also contact your personal manager to discuss the possibility of using a different payment system.

List of the main advantages of Profit Pixels:
    Section of detailed reports with real-time statistics and lead statuses from call centers;
    Own CPA offers for almost all GEO with payouts up to $1000 CPA;
    Machine Learning algorithm to achieve maximum CR and DR;
    An AI-based system that prevents duplicate leads;
    High CPA rates and weekly payouts;
    Round-the-clock support of a personal manager;
    API support, S2S (postback);
    Call centers with native speakers.

In addition, we provide the opportunity to invite colleagues and partners and receive a monthly commission of 2% of the earnings of invited referrals.
You have found a first-class solution for professional traffic monetization.

Я И Бал Крассавиц

 Hello! In principle, a very entertaining topic. Especially if it touches on the topic of "cryptography" and "trading". I will definitely try to study your proposed advertisement and probably invest there!