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Started by organictextiles, Sep 27, 2022, 10:15 AM

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My name is Josef, I represent a service for a guaranteed increase in revenue from your site - pushex.net
I'm sure many people already know what a push is and what they eat it with. However, for those who are in the tank:
A tool that raises the revenue from the site by 20%-65%
Passive monetization that does not require advertising space on the site.
Monetization of users in the browser, regardless of their online location (notifications appear in the browser, in the form of a small pop-up window, wherever your user is).

Our key advantages:
 The presence of a large number of advertisers participating in the auction for each subscriber allows you to earn more with each click;
 Flexible configuration of the subscription window allows you to get the most for your traffic - we select the option that works best for you;
 You can choose the intensity of mailing, the subject of notifications and the degree of monetization yourself, starting from gentle modes in 1-2 news push per day, ending with 16 aggressive push per day;
 Just check how the most aggressive pushex algorithms will affect your income - you will be pleasantly surprised

Pushex is not only a monetization system. You get a free wide-functional tool for creating your own subscriber base, in order to independently monetize your base.
Do you want to monetize your database yourself? - Disable the monetization system!
With Pushex - all the most advanced tools of commercial push systems are at your disposal:

 ⁃ auto-push series
 ⁃ delayed push messages
 ⁃ user segmentation
 ⁃ preview on different platforms
 ⁃ advanced statistics
 ⁃ and much more

You can combine Pushex monetization options and your own mailings, in any desired ratio.
And additionally - together with the partner's office, you get a personal manager who is ready to help customize the tool for you.
Registration in the partner's account is carried out by the link: https://panel.pushex.net/auth?action=register
My contacts, for questions and operational communication:
Telegram: @pushex_support