What is Cross-linking? What is the function of Crosslinking?

Started by stellarhomes, Sep 21, 2022, 12:33 AM

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What is Cross-linking?  What is the function of Cross linking?


Cross linking is used for the following properties: connection between sites and access permissions to them. They do not belong to many, as they give out methods invented on the Internet.


Crosslinking is a process in which pages and sites are linked together using hyperlinks. The placement of links makes the site more convenient for visitors and improves its quality in the face of search engines. Competent Crosslinking means improved behavioral factors, weight distribution across pages, and a guarantee of higher positions in the search results.

EXTERNAL Crosslinking
External Crosslinking consists in Crosslinking several sites together. In the case of Google, the result is an improvement in the position in the search results. Yandex gives less priority to the reference mass. At the same time, external links in excessive numbers can lead to the imposition of sanctions.

An important function is to increase site traffic and increase trust on the part of the PS. If links from reputable and popular resources lead to the site, then:
part of the weight of the pages is transmitted;
the flow of targeted traffic is increasing;
popularity is growing.
An example of a successful Crosslinking is the publication on a well–known portal of a review article on a young project with an indication of a hyperlink that will lead to the resource. In this case, a large portal is a donor, and a young site is an acceptor (for it, the published link is an incoming one).

INTERNAL Crosslinking
When Crosslinking internally, hyperlinks link pages of the same site together. The procedure is accompanied by a clear plan, when optimizing, a specific link relationship scheme is selected.

The use of internal Crosslinking:
Structuring the site and ensuring its integrity. Relevant internal links allow you to find a page or section faster.
Increased convenience. A chain of phenomena is being built: visitors like a more convenient project more, they visit more pages and get the necessary information. Behavioral factors are improving, positions are growing according to competitive requests, and with them profits.
Increase the indexing speed of the content.
Weight distribution between linked pages.
Site optimization, which includes passing the Crosslinking stage (internal and external), guarantees the improvement of behavioral factors. There is an increase in the trust of search engines and positions in the output. Traffic and revenue are increasing.