5L.com overclocking statistics

Started by esparkinfo, Aug 21, 2022, 08:15 AM

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esparkinfoTopic starter

just looked at the sales statistics at namebio
More domains were sold in July than in the rest of the year. and the last days are gaining momentum. mid-high xхx prices. Beautiful masks included.

now there are still domains in good masks xYZxx and xxYZx
picked up the remains of xCNxx, xxCNx, xSHxx, xxSHx

disassembled masks 5L.com:

All combinations of any 2 letters
3 identical letters in a row xхxYZ, YxхxZ, YZxхx
2 pairs + third letter anywhere XXYYZ, ZXXYY, XXYZZ


Good names with three repeated letters can still be taken in the drop. But for some auctions and really prices are several hundred dollars. In addition, in the last couple of weeks, the number of domain names in the drop has been declining. Previously, about 3,000 were released a day, and now there are already about 2,000. Of these, with three repeated letters of names, 10-15 are no more.

At the moment, about 30% of all cheap ones are free, this is about a million 5-letter ones, so a buyback will not happen in the near future. But some categories of 5-chips have already been redeemed, for instance, all with triple repeating and starting with double letters.


I only buy five-letter .coms if they contain words or a well-known acronym. A meaningless set of letters is not worth taking.