All will be bought out soon

Started by Ryar, Aug 16, 2022, 09:08 AM

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Let me share some stats:

On July 24, I made a test sample in the .com zone - I generated 50 thousand random domain names.
I checked: about 15 thousand employed, 35 thousand free.

now, out of these 35 thousand free domains, about 25% were occupied
statistical error on such a sample does not exceed 1-2%

About 580,000 Chinese were registered in 2.5 weeks.
Now the Chinese register everything that makes sense from the point of view of the Chinese language + patterns.

Accordingly, Chinese domain names that have the slightest meaning, beauty, meaning, etc. can shoot 5L.
I think that all will be gone before the new year.


In short, TS is right, I registered a few pieces in the mask MY***.com with meaning and Chinese premium letters, left a few pieces for later, but literally in a day everyone registered.
only a few pieces of MY***.com with vowels and V remained, which not held in high esteem by the Chinese, most likely soon they will not be. Judging by how the prices jumped not 4k, the queue for, similarly as it was with the numbers 4N, then 5N and 6N. So soon any Chinese 5L will be sold for xхx. IMHO


Readable 5L are not yet interesting to the Chinese, and therefore are free. Yesterday I compiled a rather impressive list of readers. At the moment, there is a massive registration of Chinese "premiums".
My opinion is the following: Literally six months or a year ago, Chinese friends played massively on the stock exchange. Then the crash happened and they found another niche to invest in. Regulate and buy everything in a row (having any value in the Chinese market).

I agree - the market is large, but even China will not be able to digest such a number of domain names with their lards of Chinese. This phenomenon plays into the hands of English-speaking domains as well. The more slag is occupied, the higher the prices for one-two-word classic domains.
By the way, now most domainers have succumbed to the Chinese bacchanalia and abandoned the "classics". In the drop, dictionary words for reg. fee began to appear more and more often (albeit not commercial keys, but also something meaningful and worthwhile)! It's time to replenish the portfolio for inexpensive...)
PS. If someone had said about 5 years ago that three-digit com would be sold from 500k to 1kk, then he would certainly have been ridiculed! And now that is the reality of the market.


It's just that most likely now domains are turning into a kind of financial instrument. And their value already depends not on the prospect of selling to the end, but on some other criteria that are not yet fully understood.
IMHO, in this case the domain name should be a gTLD without restrictions, i.e. .com, .net, .org and .info. And their value should be distributed in a certain proportion. Such as platinum, gold, silver and palladium, with periodic small fluctuations. Well, there are already letters, like diamonds of 11 price categories or something like that))

By the way , began to rise in price.

Not surprising, given the September sale for the ever-green straps.
As for the rest, I have already written my vision above. Ordinary people rushed into the domain business, mass production gives rise to price increases, mass illiteracy gives rise to price increases for everything not previously in demand.
A simple Chinese does not have the means to buy , he is bursting to buy . Seeing the rise in prices, the crowd also breaks in there, inflating prices to the skies. China is now going through a time of financial illiteracy and mass hysteria about "where to invest money."..
Some time ago, a domain name was lying in the drop and this is with the demand for cannabis domains! Now it already looks fantastic.