Available NNN.uk names get them quick!

Started by Рупорт, Jun 22, 2022, 03:25 AM

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Just sat available.... wtf


Recently there were LLL.uk names available and they got taken up, as they should, but they were available. There were more NNN.uk names available, I took some.


i have 500 co uk

but these numbers are probably a hard sell


One of the reasons why .co.uk domains (vs .com) are fiendishly popular among small businesses in the UK - their cheapness.
A desk of 1-2-3 people does not hesitate to purchase a domain name and a long indigestible name (From the impressions of local owners of these very businesses, expressed privately)

I used it when I was in Germany five years ago. The guys not only did not die, but turned into one of the leading European hosting companies.
12 Gbps connectivity, access to LINX, DECIX, AMS-IX, PAIX, private peering. By the way, there is a scheme there, who is interested under the heading Connectivity.

I think it is because of their large size that Nominet gives them discounts. The certificate of domain ownership came to me, by the way, from Nominet UK, so everything is clean from this side.

In general, I see no reason to pay for things more than they are worth. However, let everyone choose for themselves By the way, the given Bogerm registrar has about the same prices - 2.60/year for .uk domain, 9/year for .com.
I also don't think that the very fact of overpaying for something gives an additional peace of mind...

They have another feature, but not about domain name registration anymore - about hosting.
In addition to the traditional Linux, so is the new one: on Windows Web Edition with FP Extensions. But that's another question. Hosting can be cheaper to find with a large traffic limit - yes, at least where the Brother lies - on valuehost.co.uk .