Available To Register Dropped General Electric Domains

Started by arhimed, Jun 27, 2022, 03:16 AM

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This year, General Electric dropped over 1000+ domains from their portfolio of thousands of domain names. The list of dropped domains includes several that have already been picked up by savvy domain name investors.

A list of 254 available domains, which did not start with GE to avoid any trademark breaches, is provided below. It is important to conduct your own due diligence before registering any of these domains. HomeShoppingCard.com is my top pick among the list and HomeShoppingCards.com is also available.

Other options include AirlineFinancing.net, CustInformation.com, MyCompanyVehicle.com, and OrderLeaseIt.com. In a previous post, we discussed the domain names owned by General Electric that you can read about here. To check availability for the domains dropped by General Electric, click the link provided.


Thank you for providing the list.

For potential buyers - It is important to note that there may be several domains listed above that contain copyrighted terms, which should be taken into consideration before registering any of them. It is highly recommended to conduct your own due diligence before proceeding with any domain registrations.


Dropping.pro, a service that specializes in searching for expired domains due to the previous owners failing to renew registration in a timely manner, recently reported on a significant number of domain names that were seemingly refused for renewal by the American corporation General Electric (GE).
 The list includes a large number of corporate domain names, such as GEConsumerFinance.com, GEFinancialServices.com, and GEMoneyBank.com. Registering these domains carries significant risks, as the company may file a complaint under the UDRP, with a high probability of winning the proceedings.

However, there are many domains in the list that do not have an obvious reference to the company name. For example, domains like MYGE.com, GECS.com, or GESB.com can have suitable abbreviations that do not refer to General Electric. According to Domain Investing resource, these domains can be sold for thousands of dollars at auctions where they will be put up.
 It is unclear why General Electric did not renew their registration, but it is possible that the company is cutting costs and does not see the value in paying a considerable annual amount for domain name registration that is not used.