Available To Register Dropped General Electric Owned Domains

Started by arhimed, Jun 27, 2022, 03:16 AM

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General Electric who has a portfolio of thousands of domain names had dropped over 1000+ domains this year, out of the list of dropped domains several have already been picked up by savvy domain name investors.

Below is a list of 254 domains that were available to register at the time of writing this post, I removed all that started with GE as they could be seen as a clear Trade Mark breach but a lot of these listed below are generic terms that could be bought by anyone, note always do your own due diligence before registering any domain name.

Here are my 5 top picks from the list below the one that I think has some nice potential is HomeShoppingCard.com, also available to pick up is the plural too HomeShoppingCards.com


We previously wrote about the domain names owned by General Electric (GE) which you can read here.

Click Here To Check Availability   Domain Names Dropped by General Electric (GE)
aaecollab.com   aaecollab.com
adhesivessource.com   adhesivessource.com
adhesivessource.net   adhesivessource.net
aircraftsolutions.net   aircraftsolutions.net
airlinefinancing.net   airlinefinancing.net
airlineprofessional.net   airlineprofessional.net
aogfix.net   aogfix.net
applefin.net   applefin.net
applicationforcard.com   applicationforcard.com
applyfornewcard.com   applyfornewcard.com
aprcenter.net   aprcenter.net
aprsmart.net   aprsmart.net
aprzone.net   aprzone.net
askedison.net   askedison.net
autofullservices.net   autofullservices.net
avialowcostterminal.com   avialowcostterminal.com
aviationleader.net   aviationleader.net
avisfleetservices.com   avisfleetservices.com
bfs-canon.com   bfs-canon.com
bid2appraise.com   bid2appraise.com
capitalaviationservice.net   capitalaviationservice.net
capitalaviationservices.com   capitalaviationservices.com
capitalaviationservices.net   capitalaviationservices.net
capitalsolutions-homeproducts.com   capitalsolutions-homeproducts.com
capitalsurf.net   capitalsurf.net
caraspirin.com   caraspirin.com
carbonmanagementservices.us   carbonmanagementservices.us
cefcorp2.com   cefcorp2.com
cfmilease.net   cfmilease.net
cfmlease.net   cfmlease.net
clubprivilege-ge.com   clubprivilege-ge.com
comfincfsmyaccountsеxternalstage.com   comfincfsmyaccountsеxternalstage.com
commercialplasticspr.com   commercialplasticspr.com
commercialprocredit.com   commercialprocredit.com
costperprintonline.com   costperprintonline.com
currentpoweredbyge.com   currentpoweredbyge.com
custconnexternalstage.com   custconnexternalstage.com
custinformation.com   custinformation.com
cvxcards.com   cvxcards.com
dealgecas.net   dealgecas.net
dillardscardapply.com   dillardscardapply.com
dillardsonlinecredit.com   dillardsonlinecredit.com
dmgmodems.com   dmgmodems.com
dualpassonline.com   dualpassonline.com


Thanks for the list.

For buyers - There are several potentially copyrighted terms in the domains above so we need to be careful before registering any of them. Please do your DD before pulling the trigger


Service Dropping.pro , specializing in the search for domains that are being released because the previous owners did not extend their registration period in a timely manner, reported on a large group of domains, the renewal of which was obviously refused by the largest American corporation General Electric (GE).
The list contains a significant number of corporate domain names, such as GEConsumerFinance.com , GEFinancialServices.com or GEMoneyBank.com .
Their registration by third parties is fraught with serious risks, since the company may well file a complaint under the UDRP and with a high degree of probability will win the proceedings.

At the same time, there are a lot of domains in the list that do not have such an obvious reference to the company name.
For instance, in the case of domains MYGE.com , GECS.com or GESB.com new registrants may well find suitable transcripts for abbreviations that do not refer to General Electric.
The Domain Investing resource assumes that many thousands of dollars will be offered for them at auctions where these domain names will be put up. The reasons why General Electric simply did not want to renew their registration are unknown. But the simplest explanation is that the company is cutting costs and does not see the point of paying a lot of money annually for the renewal of domain name registration, which does not find any use.