A complete list of domain names in a specific domain zone

Started by AliceFowell89, Jul 29, 2022, 03:23 AM

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AliceFowell89Topic starter

There was a need to get a complete list of all domain names registered in a particular domain zone.
Can someone tell me where to get it? Or maybe there is a way to gradually, manually obtain a list of these domains? I could automate and assemble this work myself.

Thank you.


It is unlikely that such a database exists, except at the registrar of this zone.
And then the registrars have only request access, but in order to unload the entire database .... a very interesting question.

gTLD (com, net, org, etc.) free:

Other cctld - get the access conditions from some zone registries.

Paid services:


The advantage of a freed domain name with a history is that many of them still have SEO parameters, visibility for some queries, as well as thematic links from other resources on the network that are taken into account by search engines.

which domain names are present in the Dmoz. All domains are at least 1 year old, and this is important when promoting the website and gives an advantage over young domains.
The list of free domain names with parameters allows you to immediately start earning on domains with a history, and not wait for the site to acquire a trust from search engines.
Drop domains are previously registered domain names that are currently free and will not be renewed for any reason.

At first glance, everything is simple — found, bought. However, before searching, you should carefully consider each indicator, weigh all the pros and cons.
It is important to determine which domain with a history is most suitable for you. If you plan to purchase more than a dozen domain names, then this process will take plenty of time, since it is necessary to check all the SEO parameters of these domains, the presence in the web archive, check for glue in search engines, determine the domain registrar.