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Started by nisha03, Aug 04, 2022, 07:44 AM

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Hello forum users.
Help me with that question. Selected a domain on I want to get a domain with Initials (three letters, not counting symbols) to my loved. In this regard, the question arose of how to make a purchase.
1. As I understand it, all the data that I fill in when registering a user on the Sedo site will be automatically entered as the data of the new owner, after I make the payment. If this is not the case, then correct me, or will the buyer's data be filled in separately?
2. Can I register on Sedo under the same data (not my own), and make payment from my visa card, that is, the registration data and visa data will be different (especially since I and my love are from different countries)


1) Not required. Sedo is not a registrar, but only an intermediary. The data will be the one to whom you transfer the domain name. Usually Sedo will either push to your account with the current registrar or provide an AuthCode to transfer to another registrar.
2) It is better to pay with the card of the owner on Sedo account. Otherwise, the payment may be rejected.

If you pay with someone else's card, they may ask you to go through verification. I didn't set up such experiments myself, but when I was selling domain names, the buyer's payments were verified for several days.