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Started by ClickPoint, Sep 14, 2022, 12:18 AM

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Greetings all local residents,
Surely that is one of the questions of the nubo-paranoids, but since I did not find the FAQ, can you tell me how to check domain names for availability without a finger?

I looked at one domain, a new zone, I won't say the exact numbers (a matter of minutes or hours), but pretty quickly it became busy.
Of course, I admit a coincidence, although on average no more than a few dozen domain names are registered in this zone per day, according to namestat (I found this resource by the link here on the forum). Anyway, how do you check domains (both one by one and masse), some kind of public service, software or something of your own self-written? I just checked on the registrar's site, GoDaddy, it seems.

A couple of words off topic... I've only been here for a day, having flipped through the forum, I found that there is a very big skepticism about the new zones.
surely, I'm a green novice in this and I don't understand much how everything works, but in my opinion some short zones may be of interest, not only online, but also offline. It's primarily about brands.
Also about the new zones. How is their cost formed, can it happen that the price of registration / renewal will increase or rather vice versa?


regarding the new zones, you read everything correctly - you should not throw money away, but that is imho.
the best option to protect against logging is to use direct access to the corresponding Whois server . A Whois client is required for such access.
You can generate a list of several hundred thousand domain names, one of which is interesting to you, and check them at once. If somebody on the other side is studying logs, let them have fun.

simonr is one of the best domain name registrars. It also provides a powerful tool that allows you to quickly check the availability of the domain of interest.

The service provides a whole set of useful tools: a WordPress security scanner, a site health check tool, a password generator and domain names based on the entered keywords.

Blog Tyrant
The service provides several free tools, including a domain name generator based on a selected keyword or phrase.

Domain whois History - 4 online services for searching archival information—é
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