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Started by Chiru, Aug 25, 2022, 02:22 AM

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ChiruTopic starter

Hello. Straight to the point.
I intend to register a domain name, but I don't know where: .COM or .ORG?
Yes, I know about prices. Yes, .COM is for commerce, and .ORG is simple for regular community websites.
Future community and association website, but still want .COM.

What are the registration differences between .COM and .ORG?
What are the difficulties in registering for .COM?
What do you suggest? Comrades advise .ORG.


For .ORG, the choice is better, although if you are going to register a thread of a three-story domain name or have a sufficient budget and a desire to spend it on this business, then COM is also possible. Both fit the theme. There is no difference in registration.

A huge number of .COMs are not registered, but bought from tech. administrators. But if you have already picked up a free one, then everything is OK.
Buy whatever you like, even .com .org. .net - hard binding, that coma only commerce - no.