Did not pay for domain name, the next day it was immediately bought

Started by manivel, Nov 20, 2022, 09:47 AM

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manivelTopic starter

Hello forum members.
Last year I bought the domain name.
It existed until the last month, and on the very first day, as it was taken from me for non-payment, and it was bought.
How is this possible? The domain is specific.
Who could suddenly need a newly vacated domain? And at the address some crap is flooded.


The domain name can be intercepted not the next day, but in the first 3 seconds after its release!
Everything must be paid on time.

There are special services that buy domain names. Go to the service, see all the released domains by date, place a bet on it if you like the name.
The service buys the domain itself within a few seconds as soon as it becomes possible. Only cybersquatters buy in this way.
Wait for the domain name to be on sale.