Does the domain zone affect SEO?

Started by ClickPoint, Nov 21, 2022, 01:30 AM

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The question is: does the choice of a particular domain zone affect the promotion in search engines?
In particular , I 'm thinking of buying a domain in the zone .xyz, but from experience - I have not met websites in this zone in top positions.
Plus, all sorts of .info, .me, etc. are also rarely found in top positions.
And more. There is a zone .de and for example .com. The first is German, the second is international. Will the .de zone have a positive impact on promotion in Germany in comparison with .com?

PS: The essence of the question is exactly how search robots treat this, without taking into account the human factor.


they affect, but only country-specific, hard-to-register zones., will be higher , all other things being equal, the same applies to countries where the first level cannot be registered, for example , (something changed in the uk, I don't remember, it seems that you can already just uk


What search robots pay attention to:

Domain history. If the site was previously used to sell links, but now you have decided to put it in order, then it will be difficult to take high positions in the search results. Also, if the subject changes on the site, for example, there used to be an online shoe store, and now there is a blog about flowers, then the domain history is "reset".

Age. Search engines give advantages to age-related sites rather than young ones. The ranking algorithm of Google and Yandex gives advantages to domains that are more than 1-3 years old. Young sites first need to gain the trust of search engines.

Title. If the main keyword is used in the domain name, then this will be an undoubted plus. But if you include a keyword of three words or more in the name, then you can easily get a filter for over-optimization from search engines.

Domain zone. To promote in France, you should not choose domains from other countries, for or .uk. We also do not recommend using free domains of the third level of nesting, for Due to the large number of low-quality sites on such domain zones, they are not trusted by search engines.