Domain freebie failed

Started by Drupas, Nov 09, 2022, 04:09 AM

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DrupasTopic starter

One day I wanted to make a web site with articles about computer topics. I registered a sonorous domain name and wrote a website.
I launched it into free swimming and rejoiced. Then I received a letter that the domain name violates the registered trademark and my domain cannot be used.
OK. I took a new domain, transferred web site there, and left this one to gather dust and wait until the ownership period ends (registration is paid for a year).

A year later  I specifically did not pay for the domain extension, and after another month, he finally retired from me and became free for everyone.
 And 2 months later, I receive an email saying that we have registered your missed domain and are ready to sell it for $200. I laughed and said I didn't need anything. And wished good luck in the sale.

And now, this domain name is again free for registration by anyone. The freebie failed.


I also had that. I lost my domain name. I didn't extend it. Then I saw that it was being sold for $300. A year later, I registered it for free.
Another of my abandoned domain was also bought by some advertisers and placed there content in the style of "so that the dick stands for a long time and the fungus does not spread, just one teaspoon is enough")