Domain names in the .ORG zone

Started by TDSko, Aug 08, 2022, 09:18 AM

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TDSkoTopic starter

Please tell me how the population relates to domains in the .org zone?

It is clear that ideally .com, but the right one is busy. Which domain zone to take? There is a free one in the .org, .info zone and in a bunch of new zones.

Choice between .org and .xyz.

.Org is still a more classic zone. What are the chances of an adequate perception by the population?

What are the main websites located on the .org? I know Wikipedia (and this is very cool for the zone. Wikipedia promotes it). Nothing more comes to mind from the big.


.ORG - involves a claim for an organization, partnership and other joint socially useful activities.

And if the direction of the project clearly contradicts that, then a website on such a domain zone will only cause a smile.
unless the owner doesn't care.