How to choose the most suitable domain name?

Started by RazeL, Oct 06, 2022, 03:55 AM

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Hi again guys! I have some trouble with choosing the most appropriate domain for my web site, I have the list of sites, where you can buy domain, but I am afraid that they are scam and there are better and more convinient sites for it. Could anyone give me piece of advice or some sites that are trusted?


Choose a short, unique name that is easy to remember so that it stands out from others. If the domain name is easy to remember, it will be found faster and recommended to others.
To choose a good domain for a web site or online store among the available options, you need a creative approach. You can use the brand name, without adding keywords or a description to it.

It's not bad if the domain name contains a word or several words related to your product or field of activity. If you do not specify the exact description of your site in the domain name, this will provide greater flexibility in the further development of the brand.

The most famous brand name is Google.
Imagine if a detailed description were chosen for the domain instead. Now they would be known as (from English the best search or .
Then the domain would be limited only to search results, and for other areas of business it would be necessary to search for other domain names.

Another good example is Apple. The name does not give the slightest idea of what this company does. They started with computers, switched to mobile phones, clothing items and, who knows, what they will do in the future. And everything is enclosed in one domain name!
Alternatively, you can choose a universal domain or one that contains keywords. But don't put all the keywords in it. Such a name will not give any advantages in the eyes of search engines and will look unnatural.