How to choose the right domain for the site

Started by Selmash, Jul 10, 2022, 10:20 AM

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Do you want your audience not to lose you? Then it's worth a safety net in case the domain is misspelled. Register a few additional addresses, similar to your main. In the example of would be and Another reason to do this - to get ahead of the competition and detractors.


Remember that you create a website in order to attract users, so try to make it as easy as possible to access it. Of course, it's nice if you really like the domain , but its main role is to promote the website you created. Let's figure out how to choose the right domain now.

In this case, it is more effective to choose the brand name, keywords, simple abbreviations or abbreviations as the domain. This way you will be able to increase the awareness of the company, take a leading position in the search row.

- Name of the company or brand
If you are promoting a specific product or creating a company website, it is easier and more rational to use the name of the company or product, brand as the domain. This will help to increase the awareness of the promoted product, take a leading position in the search for target queries.

Example: .

However, the company name is not always suitable as a domain name. Let's say you are still a little-known company whose name is not well known, what you do is not yet clear.
So, if the name of your company is far from the scope of the services provided, this may make it difficult to search.

For instance, if you repair cell phones, and you are called "Phoenix". This name does not have a semantic connection with the topic, it is already worth thinking about another domain that is more suitable for your field of activity.


- Keyword
A keyword in the domain will help users and search engines determine what your page is about. You can also use a mix of keywords to choose a more effective name. Most often, the choice stops at sites whose domain names have words suitable for the search.


However, you should not use all the keywords in the name of your site. Remember that the domain must be short enough to remember. easy to pronounce and type in the search. Domains that are too long are not popular with either search engines or users.

Anti-example: , .

- Abbreviation or abbreviation
The shorter the domain , the easier it is to remember and enter, there is a high probability that the user will get to your site, and if necessary, he will easily return to it. Domains of 2-3 letters can be considered successful.


Be sure to check whether the abbreviation has a double meaning, whether it is appropriate. Let's say you are engaged in the sale of fuels and lubricants, however, using the abbreviation GSM, you can confuse users and the search engine, as it is more often associated with mobile communications. It is important that the address is perceived correctly.

Anti-example: – Udmurt resource for the Republican Bar Association, – the official website of StroySvyazUral-1 LLC, – a company that produces nuclear chemical reagents.

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- Associativity
It is important that the content of your site matches its name, this will avoid confusion. If your domain name gets a double meaning during translation, this may negatively affect its attendance by English-speaking users. The same applies to the sound of your name. Therefore, when playing associations and deciding which domain to choose, it is worth remembering about perception.

Example: for a bakery called "The Best Bakery" - , .

Anti-example: domain name - this is the name of the website of a construction company whose logo depicts a mammoth supporting the ceiling.

 Using the domain generator
How to come up with a domain for the site yourself understood. It's not that difficult, but you may encounter the fact that the domain you created is already occupied. In this case, you can ask for help from special services for the selection of domain names, of which there are quite a lot, for example: GoDaddy.

On the domain name selection services I have indicated, you can easily use the name you have invented, check it for employment, and also generate a new option if yours is already unavailable.