I did not register Meta.sa

Started by JSImediaJS123, Jun 29, 2022, 01:43 PM

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JSImediaJS123Topic starter

Ok so I "thought" I had registered Meta.sa via Marcaria. Sadly it wasn't because registering a meta.sa domain needs a trademark if not a resident.

FYI meta.sa is the only domain that can be hand registered today.

why did I not proceed?

At $300+ to register (this includes trustee service fee) you still can't register it because Marcaria will eventually tell you that you need a trademark prior to registration.

of course Marcaria will offer you a service to register a trademark for "meta" in Saudi Arabia doc $2700+ on top of the $300+

and even then you still can't secure the domain Meta.sa because it takes 1 year to register a Saudi trademark.

in the meantime meta.sa is free to register.

even by Facebook or Saudi resident?

I give up. Too rich for my blood. Maybe someone can make use of this info.

Good luck to whomever finally lands this gem. Do let us know here. I got my refund.


meta.gm meta.bt meta....and many,they are still available.thanks!


The word "meta" comes from the Greek language and means "beyond". And what Facebook plans to do, according to Zuckerberg, just meets that concept. "We are trying to go beyond smartphone screens, beyond distance and the laws of physics, and shape a future that goes beyond one company and is created by all people together," Zuckerberg writes in a blog.

According to The Verge, Zuckerberg has already registered a @Meta Twitter account and a meta.com domain. Currently, this domain name directs visitors to the Facebook "about us" page, which describes the company's changes and steps to create a metaverse.

"We also intend to start trading our shares under the new ticker MVRS from December 1. Today's announcement will not affect how we use or share data," adds Zuckerberg.