2 sold TotalSocks.com TheDeranged.com + 3 more BIN $20 each

Started by kosmon, Jun 28, 2022, 02:57 AM

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kosmonTopic starter

Bin $20 each
Post name plus sold to claim

Expiry 11th July 2022
There are 12 registered .com domains containing the words "the deranged"
Registrar: Dynadot

Expiry 16th July 2022
Registrar: Dynadot

Expiry 19th July 2022
Registrar: Dynadot

Expiry 1st November 2022
Registrar: Namesilo

Anntan.com (taken in 3 extensions)
Expiry 22nd January 2023
Registrar: Epik

VenusHeart.com (taken in 3 extensions)
Expiry 22nd Jan 2023
Registrar: Epik

(TotalSocksBD.com is a developed website and a good potential future buyer)
Expiry 28th December 2022
Registrar: Epik

Each name available for push or auth code
Payment via PayPal