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Started by Midwiloom, Oct 06, 2022, 09:02 AM

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I wanted a domain name, I think it might be a brand name, I'm afraid to buy it because I have 28% spam. Should I buy it?
Can domain names with a high spam rating be a brandable?


TOP 5 blacklists, which are the most popular and authoritative. They are the ones that most affect the deliverability of your emails from mailings:

Spamcop. This is a large-scale service in which users can not only get information, but also leave a complaint about the newsletter.

ProofPoint. This list is used by Apple Corporation. If your IP gets into it, emails will not come to the addresses of users and .

Spamhaus is one of the most reliable sheets that does not misfire.
When injected into him, domain or IP address letters stopped be delivered to all major mail server ( Yandex, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo). A huge plus of this project is good technical support. She responds promptly to every request. If you fix the identified problem, you will be excluded from the blacklist.

Blacklist for URIBL domain names! If you find yourself here several times, there is almost no chance of getting out.

SORBS. Interestingly, large mailers almost do not pay attention to this service. Its main contingent is organizations.
SORBS carefully monitors the implementation of trap addresses and pleases with excellent technical support. With a quick and adequate response, you can get out of the blacklist with minimal losses.