Benefits from branded domain name

Started by Rita Jaiswal, Dec 09, 2022, 04:37 AM

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Rita JaiswalTopic starter

I recently purchased a domain of the type [brand].shop
   Interested in how and where can I sell it?
   If I use this domain name myself and open, for example, an online store where I will sell products of this brand, will it be legal? And what can copyright holders do if they wish?
   Is it worth writing to brand owners with a direct offer to sell the domain name to them? Or is this domain zone not needed by anyone?
Thank you very much.


It's illegal.
A domain is actually equivalent to a trademark in terms of the degree of protection. In fact, you intend to trade under someone else's trademark.
The fact that you sell someone else's products, in itself, does not conceal anything illegal in itself. But, if you trade someone else's product under someone else's trademark, without being an official reseller /dealer, you are at least misleading your customers + actually acting on behalf of the copyright holder without his permission.
The legal consequences for you can be up to catastrophic.