BannerCoin Project and Initial Coin Offering

Started by span4bob, Jun 25, 2022, 02:14 AM

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We've launched the BannerCoin ICO

The BannerCoin project is designed to help promote the acceptance and use of various digital currencies by website merchants for purchase of their goods and services. This project will enable the acceptance of digital currencies by these merchants.

We already have a traditional payment acceptance module for our BannerOS website management platform and will be upgrading it (called BannerCharge) to support web merchants accepting payments with a variety of digital currencies. This will help promote the use of Altcoins beyond pure speculation and encourage people to use them for actual payments.

Learn more about the BannerCoin project here -
Learn more about BannerOS here -
Learn more about BannerCharge here -

We do offer a trial of BannerOS and you can also build your own website on the platform. - Energize your Business Online, powered by BannerOS, the platform that turns your website into a powerful business tool.
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there is no internal coin economy in the project, at the same time, the economy of the external turnover of coins is not visible either.
As the applicants themselves write in the White Paper, the project code is not available for external audit.

BannerCoin's design and promotional campaign is very weak. The economic part has not been worked out and there is no focus offer for the investor. Despite the activity of the project at specialized events, there is no confidence in collecting the expected amounts within the ICO.