PayPal troubles

Started by TechnoExponent, Nov 30, 2022, 01:53 AM

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TechnoExponentTopic starter

I have a problem with PayPal and I can't use my account for about 3 months. They ask me to verify my account. and I have sent the necessary documents to verify the identity and address.

It affected me a lot. Since the moment my account was blocked, they have a balance left that I cannot use. I sent a lot of messages. And they only asked me to confirm my identity. I showed them how many times I did it. But they still do. Don't give me a solution
I think this is their way of hurting small businesses and keeping this small balance.

Any suggestions on how to act or help?


You can call them instead of emailing them and all that. There is a list of numbers from different countries. and the opening hours are listed on the website
Call and choose the option "Account verification" or "Suspension" and they will definitely help you.

In the past, when this happened, and the resolution centers were often strange. They often call to fix it.