Beware - Complete Scam

Started by Michelangelos, Jun 23, 2022, 05:07 AM

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MichelangelosTopic starter

Just a heads up in case you tumble with this site: (left the link for Google to pick this thread up, hopefully if somebody looks for bitpox they will see my warning)

Its a scam, I tested it with a small amount, transaction appears as credited and i never got the money.
Sent them several messages and nothing back, found their live chat functional for a moment, explained my case and suddenly live chat dissapeared, they blocked me.

All in all ... like I said stay away from a blatant scammer site, hope Cloudflare stops protecting scammers one day.


Huge SCAM confirmed, also did an exchange Exchange ID: 2ED70F268CBBFBAC5B46, of 0.14 BTC to test and got nothing. When you attempt to chat with them they block your IP ive had to change it multiple times to chat with them. They dont respond to emails either. Their exchange history on their main page is also manipulated by themselves they add fake exchanges to seem legit and then you will see yours as well but nothing ever works.

***Had done some research on the webpage Important Notes**

Website Registered On 2017-09-12
Server Names:

Registrant Contact Information:
NameWhoisGuard Protected
OrganizationWhoisGuard, Inc.
AddressP.O. Box 0823-03411
State / ProvincePanama
Postal Code

**Does seem that they have been trying out ways to hide their IP** Careful as they eventually be back up either on the same page if cloudflare allows them to or with a new website, new name, everything**

Marker, In our experience, any website offering non-refundable anonymous payment methods will scam you. There are bad reports.
A classic scam with impossible promises.
They call themselves Hyip Professional Investors. It's like calling yourself professional suckers! Absurd.