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Started by AMGH, Jul 14, 2022, 05:22 AM

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Is it possible to somehow register domains, for example, in the .de/.us/.ca zones, without citizenship?

Most interested in

Looking on the forum topics found only that "administrative contact" is needed, but did not find any information about which registrar can provide it.

That is, the zone is not, but simply .uk

********* for .de there is a proxy service, but not for .uk

Please tell me the registrar who provides that service. Really needed.


I don't think there will be. The bottom line is that zone administrators have begun to look at data in domains much more closely.
As an example, I will give the EU zone. Only a resident of the European Union can register domains in this zone.

The onlinenic company had a domain registration service for its company in the Eurozone. So, the zone administrator noticed this and blocked all such domains until the relevant information was entered.


Uzbekistan, domain registration in the zone .uz will cost $3.28.

It will be a little more expensive to start an Internet business in Kazakh. For domain registration in .kz  is asking for 7.37 US dollars. There are several large registrars operating in Kazakhstan, each offers its own price, but it does not differ much from the one mentioned.

In Azerbaijan, the spread of registration prices is more significant – from $ 11.76 to $ 23.53 per name in the .az zone

Belarus is the most stable country in terms of prices for domain registration in .by and .bel – 13.18 US dollars. The prices at the registrars are the same.

The line below is Ukraine, although the price of domain names in the national zone .ua – bites (up to $ 74), but in the zone or Cyrillic .UKR domains are sold for $ 13.5 apiece.

For $ 17, you can buy a domain name in the national zone of Tajikistan (.tj).

Armenia is lower in the rating. In the domain zone .am domains are registered at a starting price of $20.

In Moldova, domains are slightly more expensive, and the price spread between registrars is more significant: from 25 to 39 US dollars for a .md domain name.

In Kyrgyzstan, you have to pay even more for the right to identify your website with the country on the Internet.
All registrars have almost the same prices - 2420 SOM or $ 28.5 per name in the zone .kg. Note that domain names in the national zones of the webmaster are bought not only because of the binding to the country. Sometimes domain name zones are consonant with generally accepted designations or English words. For example, kg is also a unit of mass measurement.

The most expensive domain name is in Turkmenistan. For the domain in the zone .tm needs to pay $102.6 per year, but subject to payment immediately for 10 years.
You will immediately have to pay more than a thousand US dollars. Some registrars have even higher prices, the total payment can exceed 1.5 thousand dollars. Such payments may seem unaffordable to residents of Turkmenistan. Therefore , the demand for domains in the domain zone .tm is created mainly by English-speaking webmasters.