.FI topic (showcase)

Started by hufujiyu, Oct 07, 2022, 02:40 AM

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.FI topic (showcase)

The time of the short main topic is .fi domains (Finland).

Finland is a small market with about 5.6 million people and .fi domains.
When you live there, besides, you have long, cold and dark winters and expensive beer, which often tastes unpleasant.

Does anyone have domains .fi? As discussed in this topic, now you can register them in Finland without permanent residence. I noticed that at least one participant of that forum is from Finland.

I only have three .fi domains:

Plus some .com and .sеxy domains associated with Finland and MR, with "suomi", which means "Finland" in Finnish.
I can develop some of them when/if I have time.


In Finland, even homeless people speak tolerable English. The population is indeed relatively small, but more than, for example, in the Cocos Islands or in Western Samoa).
And these are 90 percent well-off people. In general, what I put them up for here is just to hear the numbers). It is possible at random, even necessary, because it is still impossible to conduct an analysis without knowing the market. Population - 5.5 million . GDP / person - $ 35.379 (.fr - $ 12.539) I think I'll get a little zone)..

Geo domains just have the biggest traffic


now there are friends in Finland who are residents of the country. Tell me how long it takes for a resident to register .FI domain and whether there is any more detailed information on this procedure, since people do not really understand this issue.

I am grateful in advance.