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Started by gstarspas, Jun 25, 2022, 04:04 AM

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Domains For Next MyID .ca Auction

These are the upcoming domains and reserve range for the next/current auction: ($1751 - $2500) ($251 - $500) ($251 - $500) ($1001 - $1750) ($251 - $500) ($1001 - $1750) ($5001 - $7500) ($501 - $750) ($1001 - $1750) ($1001 - $1750) ($101 - $250) ($501 - $750) ($1001 - $1750) ($501 - $750)


wow.. I wonder if this will create a surge in .ca regs?
This could also lead to alterations in CIRA,S requirements.
Either way this looks good for current .ca portfolios :)


anyone have last auction's results?

my picks from this list are:

what are yours?


Domain .CA - is the official domain of Canada. Domain registration in the .CA zone is recommended for sites that are related to Canada or contain similar information, as well as for companies and individuals located in or entering Canada.
A .CA domain can only be registered by companies and individuals who are residents of Canada.
You can register a CA domain with us. To buy a CA domain, you need to enter the name of the domain name you are interested in in the domain verification form and send a request. CA domain registration is automatic.

The owner, administrative and technical contact must meet the requirements of the Canadian Presence (CPR).
Corporation: The legal form (LTD, BV, GMBH) must be included in the company name.
Registration confirmation sent to the registrant by mail within 7 days.
Failure to accept the terms will result in the cancellation of the domain without a refund.