.gg – Has Channel Island Hosting gone AWOL for you?

Started by inaevrodom, Jun 28, 2022, 12:52 PM

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inaevrodomTopic starter

Has anyone else been getting no responses from the team at Channel Island Hosting (channelislandhosting.net) over the past month?
 I put in two tickets at the beginning of March and have heard nothing back from the team, which is HIGHLY unusual as they typically respond within hours and never longer than 24 hours. I have gone around the ticket system to send emails directly to the company and individual team members but there has been absolutely no response from anyone through any channel.
Are you having the same experience with Channel Island at the moment?


I am having the same problem.

And the scariest thing of all -- often when you pay for a domain renewal, it does not reflect as paid in their system. And I have dozens that show as expired when they were actually paid months ago. CIH's answer? "Don't worry about it". They say it's ok on their end. Even though from a customer perspective, it looks... well... terrifying. Especially, if you have hundreds with them. This makes me wonder if I actually still own some of my inventory.

Does any of this sound familiar?