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Started by anhyeuviolet, Oct 05, 2022, 03:41 AM

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anhyeuvioletTopic starter

Hello everybody.
In India, there are still many websites and many businesses operating without their online identification.
The country is home to almost 19% of the world's population. I personally traded some .IN domain names this way, but after I got some quality domain names, I couldn't find the end user.
I think we should all stick to them for a long time as India is growing fast and every business needs to make itself known to the world.

I don't know if I'm right or not, but I hope I can keep the good stones for 5-15 years. What do you think about it?


I agree. Many one and two word domains are free.
Given that India is developing rapidly, there will soon be no free good domains left. But I would not invest in the .IN domain zone just yet.


.IN Domain Address Requirements:

Permissions India .in is registration for individuals? - yes.

Are there any requirements, documents or information you need to know about India .in? - - Not.

Is there an additional fee for the .in domain? - - Not.

India is allowed . is the registration of enterprises and legal entities allowed? - yes.

Is it necessary to have a trademark for domain registration? - no.

Does .in have a special kind of use? - - Not.

Is there any other information that o .in needs to know? - - Not.

Is the WHOIS private domain registration service available? - no.

Jack Call

If we are talking about the Indian market, then everything is very, very complicated. I followed them about 5 years ago, but I realized that this is not an entirely attractive market. Why? Let's go in order.
India ranks #1 in scam sites. No, honestly. This means that the bounce rate of domains is very high, so they use cheap domain names. Next is the market restriction. For English speakers, there are only two zones in India, .in and .ind, but there are actually more than 16 (I mean national). This is due to the fact that there are more than 122 languages  in India (and even more dialects), so each language has its own domain, although you can use the copy and paste system, but this is not enough for business. And now the most interesting thing is that most domains in India are used by European and American registrars and the corresponding domain zones.