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Started by Drupas, Sep 06, 2022, 03:48 AM

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DrupasTopic starter

For the first time I come across this interesting zone - .PL. I was watching one domain name, I had to be released this morning. But he was intercepted by these guys . The status is hanging in the whois:

QuoteDOMAIN NAME: is queued up for registration

The expiration date has shifted by 2 weeks  from the current date.

Explain to me what kind of status is this?
And the question for these guys is - . They have intercepted the domain name, but are ready to sell it (a form is hanging on their website, i.e. they are directly engaged in this). I contacted them, they wrote that they are the registrar of domains (actually, according to whois, they are the registrar). But the transfer procedure is strange - they asked for registration data instead of providing access to the personal account and how it is more convenient to pay. Has anyone worked with them, can you trust them?

P.S. They wrote that they don't have a panel. All operations via support by email. It's all strange. I am asking if it is possible to transfer from them to another registrar.


How much was offered?
.PL can be cheaper to register than they offer.
about $ 3 registration.
The prolongation is about $12.

Well, if they don't even have a panel, then why do they need such a registrar.

Domain reservation is a pre-registration, payment for the domain can be made within 14 days.
You can not pay, then the domain is dropped.
Domain reservation is useful for those who have not yet decided on the domain name or if they want to resell the domain name.