Will .CO die a slow death?

Started by obmenneg.com, Jun 21, 2022, 01:17 AM

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Will .CO die a slow death?

Absolutely, I can see through it
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Not at all
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obmenneg.comTopic starter

Given how the registry has over-priced most of the good and decent names at $100/ piece,
 do you think this would make it even less attractive for domain investors to invest in this extension and it will start losing its value over time (say 5 years)?


xyz is boomin, whatchu mean sir alcy?

As an answer to your question OP, yes, personally I have found some decent .co domains with a reg fee of $75+ on Sav.com, I will not be investing that on handregged .co domain, if someone else didn't grab it before me chances are it's not good anyway.

.com, very strong .xyz, and very strong .io domains.


.CO found a reasonable sized usage and speculative base a couple of years back (and i personally think , as an extension it works) But like all fringe extensions the registry may well have priced itself out of continued growth. Dare I say .XYZ may go the same way. It's a shame - And No I don't own any domains in either extension.

I think anybody that is rising to the recent sales in .XYZ may well want to revisit the old threads of the .CO wave for a precautionary tale and lesson


website will be more difficult to promote in SEs, because. the domain zone belongs to the country "Colombia", if the domain would be .de, respectively, easier the domain is German!

Google will automatically assign the country "Colombia" to your website.
There is no experience in this domain, but there is in other national domains, so here is just my IMHO.

.co is the domain zone of Colombia. The domain is not only suitable for websites related to Colombia - it is often used as an alternative to the popular .com domain, in which almost all the beautiful names are occupied or put up for sale at a high price. Companies register the .co domain as an additional short name to the main domain name - for example, Google uses g.co. .co domain registration is available to everyone.