,,, & more .us Domains

Started by sadko7777, Jun 21, 2022, 12:11 PM

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94 NNN Portfolio $3,948 BIN

Own nearly 10% of all of the domains worldwide. The buyer would get the 94 domain portfolio for $42 each. There is value added to owning a significant percentage of an entire class of domains. PM me for the list.

Post SOLD to buy.
(BIN amount contingent on payment within 72 hours). Buyer and seller to mutually agree upon the payment method.


FYI, see what others are doing with their .us only domains:

I searched whois and typed in the actual domain names in both .us and .com. I also researched the domains using To the best of my knowledge, these domains do not have mirrored .com websites. They are companies (and others) that apparently do not have a .com website at all. This list will be updated daily with new .us websites added. None of these domains are mine.

List  .us only domains:� (watch the video until the end - awesome) ... ... ... ...

All .us domains for sale with a BIN are listed below:

Post SOLD to buy.
(BIN amount contingent on payment within 24 hours)., if I feel comfortable with the buyer. If you do not like my requirement, then please PM me to see what, if anything, we can work out.

Any listed domain with an expiration date in the same month or subsequent month of the purchase date will be renewed by me prior to being transferred to the buyer.