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Tucha.ua – one of the best cloud web hosting providers. We have been working since 2006.
During that time, we have gained experience, wisdom and implemented hundreds of projects on virtualization of offices and applications, organization of cloud IT infrastructure and data protection in the cloud.

Our services:
TuchaFlex+ (from 16.30 euros/month)
With fast virtual servers from Tucha.ua you can transfer the entire IT infrastructure of the company to the cloud and create your own full-fledged virtual office.
But you can also start with individual applications – virtualize corporate CRM, mail server, 1C:Enterprise, M.E.Doc , client-bank, etc. We guarantee round-the-clock access to all processes from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, for TuchaFlex+, you can order:

    server administration – 60% of the cost of the server, but not less than 30 euros/ month;
    backup storage – from 5 euros/month;
    dedicated IP address – 2 euros/month;
    anonymous IP address – 10 euro/month;
    software rental – from 0.89 euros/month;
    additional snapshots of the system (SnapShot) – from 1 euro / month.

TuchaHosting (from 3 euros / month)
With our hosting sites and mail work reliably and do not slow down. We will help with the transfer, we will provide round-the-clock support. :)

Additionally, for TuchaHosting, you can order:

    reseller account – from 5 euros/month;
    dedicated IP address – 3 euros/month;
    anonymous IP address – 10 euro/month;
    domain name registration – from 3.5 euros/year.

TuchaBackup (from 5 euros/month)
In order not to lose important data, you need to regularly copy all the information to a remote server.

Advantages of our backup:

    you can store information in any format;
    there are no restrictions on the amount of traffic;
    you can transfer large files;
    secure access protocols FTP, SFTP, SCP, RSYNCoSSH.

100% quality
All web services work in our computing cloud, implemented on the basis of high-level data centers (Germany). A well-coordinated team provides competent round-the-clock technical support and quick response on all issues.
In Tucha.ua the client always gets what he pays for, and often even more. Be sure to read the reviews of existing customers Tucha.ua (https://tucha.ua/reviews /), they will help you form your own opinion about the company and the team Tucha.ua .

Our contacts
If you still have questions or you just need cloud services, contact us in any convenient way:

Email: info@tucha.ua
Phone: +380 44 583-5-583
Online chat on the site https://tucha.ua/

We welcome you 24/7