And what to choose from all of this as a result?

Started by Selmash, Nov 19, 2022, 02:38 PM

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SelmashTopic starter

As times have changed, the way we do business and conduct business has changed dramatically. Businesses have begun to move to the Internet. No matter what industry you come from, you need to connect your business with customers online. And what to choose from all of this as a result:
Virtual private server hosting?
Dedicated server hosting?
Cloud server hosting?


Interesting questions that, in my opinion, everyone can answer for themselves. What brings you pleasure and what will you get a big surge of good emotions from, when it also brings money and generally joy. There are good specialists here and I think that they can help everyone who really wants. I wish you all a good day. ;)

Henri O`neill

Business has been online for a long time. Of course, the size and type of hosting should be chosen in accordance with your plans for the site - advertising, sales or a site with a database of goods. For example, if we are talking about an information site, then I would choose a dedicated server, but if you need a site purely for internal use, then a server with a large disk is enough. Everything, as always, there is a product for each consumer. But do not forget that before buying, each buyer must understand what he is purchasing.


The essence of your question should be based on information about what kind of business is meant. And based mainly on this information to get the correct answer.

For example, you will need a dedicated server if your business is either directly related to working on the Internet and you represent a large company that can easily afford a professional administrator of this server, or you just have a large company with, say, 10k or more clients . You will need a cloud service if you cannot calculate the workload of your resource in advance and there are significant traffic fluctuations. For everything else, VPS will probably suit you. ;)