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Started by Austin, Jun 17, 2022, 10:49 AM

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I have some VPSs With Contabo And I was in travel and i had some problems with my credit cards that i didn't notice and after 10 days of the problem i tried to log to my account to pay the invoice but I was surprised that it's not working any more also And the send me a reminder to pay asap with additional fees of 8$ for each vps i did that with a link sent in the emails using paypal

and I emailed the support but without any response i tried to call them but it was always the voice message i contacted them on their facebook page and they said that they will forward my message to the support
and after 3 days and receive finally a message

but they say that they delete my server for a no payment after just 10 days ..

i know it s my mistake to not check my email while i was in a journey but never I saw that removing your client data after 10 days while that client is a regular payer for so long time it s not ethical they look like they put the $ first before they clients

I know that i losed all my data that is worth to much but i hope my message find every body before he suffer like I m now

And dont trust the automatique payment like i did and also Avoid Contabo for your data safety because as I read that s not happened only for me but it happened to many person that they have servers with them for years and they delete their data for just 10 days after having a problem in their automatique payment method


It's pretty common for data to be deleted if there's a billing problem, it's not just Contabo. Data can also be lost if there's a hardware problem (backups often cost extra) or if the host goes bust (which has happened to me twice).


Long story short, for those not paying attention:

A: ALWAYS use a separate business card to pay for things (always)
B: NEVER use said business card for personal things
C: ALWAYS make sure your card is good before leaving for an extended period (reminds me, I need to double check my own)
D: MONITOR YOUR STUFF! Seriously, monitor it!!

There is no excuse for not paying your bills, or ignoring provider emails. You may be "on vacation", but that doesn't mean you can ignore things, at all.

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Mark Walker

I used CONTABO services until about 2017 (for 5 years). The office itself (at least before) did everything from A to Z, but already in 2017 I began to notice various problems behind them. For example, I didn't like that depending on your physical location, the price also changes, that is, if you pay from Germany, the cost of the server will cost you 110 Euros, and from India 121. The administration explains this by legislation (but I'm nowhere with such no longer encountered). Further — support. She is disgusting. Respond really long and only in e-mail mode. I don't know about 10 days, but there's always been a 30-day rule. After you do not pay for the server, you have another 30 days, and then all data is deleted.