I am looking for a cloud for storing files - large and for a long term

Started by Michael Walker, Dec 29, 2022, 01:32 PM

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Michael WalkerTopic starter

Hi all. I am looking for a reliable cloud for storing files. Until recently I used Hostinger, but after the September update, it became bad, terribly bad. The parameters of the cloud I'm looking for: lease term 5-10 years, from 2 to 4 TB, price - about $25-30. By the way, I was advised this project - koofr.eu. Maybe someone used it. Is he reliable?


Greetings. I advise you to switch to pCloud. The company is registered in Switzerland. There are different options for the terms for storing files. Including forever. Plus, they can still use the pCloud Crypto service for an additional fee to encrypt files directly on their devices.