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Started by Cody Babcock, Nov 08, 2022, 07:32 AM

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Cody BabcockTopic starter

Hi all. I would like to tell you about a good hosting provider, to be more precise, about hosting providing cloud hosting -
The server is located in the eastern and southern parts of the United States, most of Europe and in China. What does he cling to? Well, firstly, they have a good starter package for 30 days - 1TB storage + 1TB traffic + custom server configurations (no different from the paid plan).
The server itself offers up to 526 GB of RAM, 4 TB of free space, 4 IPs, and a powerful CPU. The cost of the car is $19-100 per month (this is a low price) or $0.026 per hour. The server is fully customizable.


Yes indeed.
This cloud service is ranked 5th in the ranking by But the starter pack has a low RAM 1 TB. More RAM, of course for the money.
Among the gifts offered Fastest Cloud VPS With Guaranteed Dedicated Resources. You can run any Windows and Linux operating system (over a hundred images). We have 13 Data Centers on four continents around the world.


Registered, created a virtual server. I liked everything, it was convenient and fast. BUT!
Hosting is marked as DMCA-ignored, however, during a conversation with support, it turned out (with reference to the relevant clauses of the user agreement) that such a function is not provided.
I think it is necessary to remove kamatera from the corresponding Hostadvice section, so as not to mislead.


I am a fan of "Clodo" cloud hosting, the performance of the guys is quite good, from the experience of personal testing I can say that the site is loaded by the user's browser in 67 hundredths of a second. The data transfer rate is 11 MB per second. In addition, clodo has very good technical support and adequate guidance. For example, it was downtime for 1.5 hours due to the human factor. Reimbursed the victims (including me) the monthly cost of their fees. The owner of the Clodo.RU trademark is IT House LLC, TIN 7804416160, 194017, St. Petersburg, st. Kalyazinskaya, house 7. Hosting services have been provided since 2010.

Paul Scott

We may have had different experiences with the server, but I would not call the hosting provider too good. Yes, indeed there are many offers for hosting - VPS, Cloud hosting transfer and yes, you yourself control what kind of server you will have. However, he positions himself as a hosting for business people. The price varies both from the server settings, the frequency of use, and the location of the server. So we got to the fat minuses - hourly pay. This is not the usual monthly payment, but hourly. Of course it's not all that bad, but it's not for everyone. Another downside I would say is the cost. It starts from $109 per month or $0.11 per hour (that's 500 Gb ssd + 1Gb Ram +1 Gb/month traffic). To be honest, a normal configuration will cost $180 per month. For 180 you can get better deals on the market (at least in Europe).