DNS server, please explain

Started by land_driver, Aug 22, 2022, 04:29 AM

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I'm trying to figure out how to host a website on a server.
As short as possible:

1. Rented a web server from ubuntu to digitalocean.com.
2. I bought a domain.
3. On the registrar site, instead of their own Dns-servers, they indicated third-party ones (namely, ns1.zilore.net and ns2.zilore.net).
4. In the control panel, zilore added an a-record for his domain in which he indicated the ip of his web server.
5. I ping my domain from Windows - not the ip of my web server is displayed.

I thought that changing the dns servers would not take effect immediately, but a day has passed and still the ping is not going to my server.

Actually the question is: what do I not understand in the whole chain and why is there no request to my server? Please help me figure it out)

And an additional question: why can a dns-server for a domain (or should it?) be specified not only on the domain management site  but also on the web server management site? That is, on the digitalocean website where I took the server, there is a section where you can (or do you still need to?) Add a domain and register dns (or ns) servers for it and add the same A-records of the correspondence between Ip and the domain as zilore. generally, I'm confused about how everything works and I will be very grateful if you help me understand. Thank you.


Wait a little more. The problem may not be on the side of the DNS host, but on the side of your ISP. If that doesn't work, try using your registrar's DNS hosting, it's free, although the registrar tends to crash once a year with all of its servers, including DNS.

In the server control panel or in the hosting control panel on the server itself (is there also a hosting server client panel)? In the first case, you specify the domain name as the server name for OS installation, etc. In the second, you link the domain to a specific site / directory on the server, because there can be a huge number of such websites on the server. If this is not done, the server will use the "default site" (more often they say "default virtual host") to process requests, which is not the best option for a regular website.

The server control panel and the hosting service's client panel can be a single entity.

You can try proxy. Perhaps, somewhere, a request to your site for a domain has been "resolving" for a long time.


Do as advised above, you can wait for some more time. Most likely, your Internet service provider has the problem. You can call technical support and consult. The administration should work 24/7. In the future, it is better never to use another company for DNS hosting. It is optimal to use either a registrar or a hoster. another company's dns hoster may be needed only in certain situations.