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Started by Slip, Aug 08, 2022, 12:23 AM

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Decided to try cloudflare and ran into some problem. The essence of the problem is as follows: huge waiting time for files not cached on cloudflare. Perhaps I configured cloudflare incorrectly and my problem is solved by setting it up?

It was useful to study how the trace is built and was surprised. It turned out that everything not cached goes through the USA without fail. There is a possibility that the ping-admin service is lying, tell me an alternative way to check the trace.

Those. js, css, jpg, etc. are given from the nearest servers, and if you want to give the content from the original server located in NYC (often the face of the website is needed in an uncached form), then the route goes through the USA, and from there the request goes to the original server. Accordingly, the response to the user from the original server goes the same way.

The problem here is this: it is important to give the first content as quickly as possible, and when the tracing goes across the ocean, you can already forget about the speed. Of course, it's cool that js, css, jpg are given from the nearest server and quickly, but when you need to run across the ocean and back for html, then all the speed of fast loading js, css, jpg is useless.

The question is: why is this done and how to give non-cached content faster?

Thank you.


Ping-Admin determines the country by IP. CloudFlare's IPs are from the US, which is why the traffic is shown to go through the US.
But this is a very conditional display, because although the IP belongs to an American company, the server may be located in a completely different place (it is impossible to find out exactly where the server is located).

Judging by the time indicated in the table, it is definitely not the USA there, because. between India and the US would definitely be more than 100 ms.