Has someone come across hosting on cloudlinux?

Started by almedajohnson, Jul 29, 2022, 12:20 AM

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almedajohnsonTopic starter

Thinking of moving to some hosting provider with cloudlinux?
I heard that the advantage of such hosting is fast work, neighbor servers do not affect your resources and stability is great.
Is it correct? Is it worth moving? where?


Let me clarify:
CloudLinux != Cloud hosting

- CloudLinux - operating system, a fork of CentOS with a patched kernel and utilities. Maybe not a very good name, as it resembles cloud infrastructure, but has nothing to do with them.
It was really created for shared hosting and allows you to thinly divide the resources of a physical machine between simple server users. Virtualization, hypervisors and other joys of large projects are out of the question here.
- Cloud hosting - well, everything is clear here - hypervisors, containers, guest OS and other delights, and hosting providers really have sliders, tariff changes, etc.

And yes, heavy scripts on CloudLinux will really eat up resources, the website will be stupid. That is, if CloudLinux is blunted, then the right way to the site on the VPS. Popular control panels even have beautiful graphical interfaces with graphs of resource consumption -% cpu, tio (% of allocated bandwidth), memory, number of processes, muscle load.