Hosting for Internet scanning?

Started by AvniShergill, Sep 03, 2022, 12:08 AM

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AvniShergillTopic starter

Hello, I'm interested in whether there are any hosting providers at all who sell colocation / dedicated/virtual for scans?
i.e. specifically allow (or secretly do not prohibit) Internet scanning?
please share your experience on this topic.

scanning will take place over the entire range of IP addresses with the exception of backup ones. actually, the task is to create a service like netcraft, generally, it worked like that at first.
what does it mean to get blacklisted by Google, I didn't understand you, I don't provide any web services on my site and I'm not going to conduct SEO targeted at Google search. if yes, then of course everything is spread across different servers with different IP and each performs its role. I also did not understand what dubious means in your understanding.
what are these actions concerning me that you can describe?


what exactly do you want to scan? use something like AllSubmitter/xrum? then yes, you fall under "doubtful". If this does not stop, then you get blacklisted by Google. And about the last message - which of the hosting providers would want his IP to be blacklisted by Google? That's what I mean. You also did not quite specifically describe the situation and tasks under "scan". It could be anything, right?

"doubtful" means when questionable actions occur from your IP (site scanning, frequent search queries, etc.), which can be caused by special software or viruses - Google itself tells you about this when you either want to search for something, or go to any page of their products.
Saying that, you are asked to enter the captcha code and you either go to the desired page or not. If these "doubtful" actions do not stop, then this IP gets blacklisted in the future, no matter what white sites are hanging on it, Google will not index them. In addition, the hosting provider also receives an email with something like a warning.

Emily Evans

It should be borne in mind that the scanner heavily loads the system and especially the network interfaces, disposing of the entire available channel.
 If you start scanning without warning the hosting provider, it will look like DDoS and you will most likely be disconnected from the network very quickly. You also need to be prepared that scanning the entire Internet will provoke a backlash — they will start complaining about you.
That is, the hosting provider will receive a batch of automatic letters with complaints "you are scanning us".
administrators of the scanned networks will very quickly start complaining about you and blocking you (popular IDS have rules for this type of scanning, so they automatically generate alerts).