Hosting with unlimited disk space

Started by rafiazafar, Sep 22, 2022, 08:24 AM

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rafiazafarTopic starter

I just wanted to find out what webhosting with unlimited disk space is for.
for video hosting websites like YouTube, this is the kind of hosting you need?
for the future, if you have a chat, otherwise it's somehow inconvenient for you to answer such small questions.

sima singhs

There are no de facto such histing. Carefully read the user agreement - for sure there will be a number of restrictions.
Using it for video hosting will definitely not work. And not only because of the limitations in disk space.
Gino, or rather Spectrum.Gino.
Only here is something not very hosting turned out to be. The "long server response - more than 3 seconds" according to Google Webmaster, then "When accessing the page, the robot could not get its contents" - according to the same GW, and as a result, the website pages fly out of the index.